Yuriko, The Tiger’s Shadow


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Released in early August 2018, Commander 2018 has given us one of the impecable Legendary Yuriko, the Tiger’s Shadow!

This is a popular card played on either Ninjustu, ninja tribal, Bounce, extra turn and even cheap budget decks.

We all have a special love for ninjas, a few that come to mind as our favourite, is none other than Sasuke Uchiha from Naruto: Shippunden with his darkish theme.

Most iconic reference to us is of him using his blue lightning together with his rinnegan and sharingan, which still fits the water and black color palette.

It’s possible to add Fukumen (masks) or Oni (demon) traits to her, it adds more character and japanese cultural traditions as well as Sakura trees and lion head statues would also be a perfect complement.

You definetely don’t want to miss out, if you’d like your very own stylish shinobi we can do it for you.

Additional information

card type

Legendary Creature


Black mana, Blue mana