Magic Alter Cards Commissions

Get a unique deck with custom made Magic the gathering cards made only for you.

Different Types of MTG Alter Art

Extended Borders Altered Art

We can create extended illustration beyond its original margins.

Full Altered Art Commissions

We can create illustration element foreign to the original design.

Custom Altered Art

We can create any illustration you want​.

Frequently asked questions

Every card is carefully hand painted, primed so the paint holds strongly and well protected once finished. It’s very time consuming, requires patience and exceptional precision!

We use the best quality acrylic paints from different brands and matte varnish to protect the card and colors.

  • Altered background
  • Altered image Alters
  • Borderless Alters
  • Borderless Alters Pop
  • Character Alters
  • Foil alters
  • Full Art Alters
  • Overtext Alters
  • Painted-over Alters
  • Textless Alters

Extended Borders Alters Art 

These alters cards usually have no borders or frames. We guarantee to carefully paint them with the right values and hues. Values expand and give more depth and life to the original card illustration. The name, cost of mana, type, expansion symbol and text box are visible.

Full MTG Alter Art

Usually we either completely replace the original illustration within its box. For example, this could mean change your planeswalker for an anime character or replace a land landscape.

What are your alter cards durability?

Commissioned mtg alters have pretty good durability, more so than normal cards. Acrylic paints are made from a plastic polymer.

When it dries it’s flexible and water-resistant at the same time. When we finish each card, we also apply very thin layers of varnish to keep the paint sealed. This gives the card a more refined touch and safely store it in a “perfect fit” sleeve.

As long as the card has the original name, mana casting cost, type of card, expansion and text box clearly visible there shouldn’t be a problem. Therefore, extended and pop-up can be used.

When it comes to art replacement, fan art and full art, that comes to the judge’s consideration. They might allow them or not as they can be viewed as proxy cards: be sure you own an extra copy of the card or equal altered mtg cards just to not to have any issues.

If you still not sure, check out our article: everything you need to know about altered cards in tournaments.

Yes, it’s possible to recover damaged cards but only to some extent. For this you need to show me the card by photo to evaluate the damage and see if it’s possible.

Send all inquiries via e-mail: or in our Facebook page.

We mostly obtain cards from the for the best price and quality, but also preferably from local stores if we can.

Prices can change a lot depending on the request you have in mind, and if we going to order the cards and their rarity. We try to optimize between card cost + work time + shipment cost.

There are indeed cards we don’t have. So we’ll make sure to get them from the local game store or card market. Which takes time and we’ll require a deposit in advance for that.


However, the deposit in advance is only for cards which the value is equal or greater than 16€.

For example, for 4 cards each costing 4-5 euros, we’ll ask for a deposit. That’s only to cover the cost of the cards (16€ in this example). The work time and shipment cost will be due when the work is finished.

First tell us what you’d like to get done. What card, what type, edition if you have a preference.

Let us know what your idea for the cards. It’s recommended a description,  alteration art style and photo references. Give us as many details as you can, if possible.

  • What card(s) you want?
  • What type of alteration you want?
  • What’s your idea?
  • Extras or details?

We should contact you in less than a week with our feedback.


Note: Once the deposit is sent, we’ll do a simple digital sketch with your idea and send you. Once you like it, we’ll proceed to work on the card. 

Once finished, we’ll send photos of the finished mtg commission and ask for the payment. The magic the gathering cards will be shipped in less than a week and you’ll be messaged with a tracking number.

How long does it take to make an mtg alter?

Varies a lot really, depending on the line-up of commissions going, there might be delays.

For simple, single cards we can make them faster. When you contact us about the alter art. We’ll make sure to let you know how much time it will take!

For payment so far we only have Paypal as an option. We only take payments in Euros, here’s a converter

Payments must be made via paypal to our email:

Be sure to state your name and residence country so we can calculate the shipping cost accordingly.

Unfortunately, we don’t take refunds, this type of work is permanent. That’s why we do a digital sketch and only proceed to paint once you are happy with the sketch result.

Final word from creators

Our team make best custom mtg extensions, pop-up borders, custom art to even fan-art as long as you have an idea and references. We accept any magic the gathering commissions, anything is possible! We offer delivery world wide.
Artistic alterations are permitted in sanctioned tournaments, as long as the card is recognizable, doesn’t contain strategic advice or offensive images, change mana cost or name of the card. However keep in mind that Head Judges have the final authority, so be sure to check with one before the start of the tournament.

For buying you have different options:

  • you can buy now from online store;
  • we order cards and send us your card(s) and we send mtg commission back at you;
  • or or preferably i get them for you and deliver them afterwards.

I would like to thank you all for your precious support and incredible feedback, this project wouldn’t be possible without you! Good games to each one of you, cheers!

Guilherme Barradas Lead Artist
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