Krenko, Mob Boss alter


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As part of the M13 core set, the unique Legendary Creature Krenko, Mob Boss!

This card excels at one thing and that is overhelming enemies with a combo swarm of goblins!

The making of this alter was simple as it was commissioned a portrait of Tony Soprano’s pose. First step was to prime the canvas and layout the right proportions with a technique used in oil paintings called underpainting.

First begining with dark values, after that was estabilished then it was time for mid-tones which transitioned to lighter values like highlights. This way its possible to keep the overrall piece feel realistic the value range has to be quite limited.

This certainly isn’t the only way to alter this card. If fact we can customize your Krenko alter art in many ways, we can simply add extension, make him look like a rabbit to combo.

Additional information

card type

Legendary Creature


Red mana