Magic Alter Coronavirus situation

COVID 19, also identified as the corona virus, has had a broad effect on everybody, from individuals to companies. That being said we’re currently trying to do what we can to keep Magic Alter running.

Hygiene and Safety

We want you to realize that we take your well-being and our own very seriously. For all we do, we obey the advice provided by the Department of Health of the Portuguese Government (Direcão-Geral da Saúde).

We’re doing all we can to keep our staff and customers secure. The team is operating from home as much as they can. We are properly washing our hands and ensuring proper hygiene as well as practicing self-quarantine.

When handling and packing products, we have already started to wear gloves to ensure that the cards will arrive clean to you, we also started double sleeving them and occasionally shipping them in top-loader sleeves.

Restricted Shipping

Throughtout this pandemic period, we have been getting less requests. Therefore, in conjunction with the hygiene and health standards stated above and provided by the national health service, prompted us to agree to ship only on Tuesdays, instead of multiple days a week. This will also continue until further warning is issued.

For now, if you have any questions feel free reach out to us via e-mail. We want to thank you all for reading this.

Make sure to stay home and stay safe. 

Thank you for supporting Magic Alter-Team.

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