Niv Mizzet, Parun Altered card


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Niv-Mizzet, usually referred to as the Firemind, is the ancient red-brown dragon of Ravnica, fascinated with intelligence. Despite its size, it is able to move quickly and gracefully.

He has a spinning tail, thick blue-framed arms, a long arm, barbed membranes over his eyes and long ears. His sheer intelligence surpasses that of ordinary humans, and is renowned for several innovative innovations that currently support the people of his city.

With arrogance and vanity matching his vast intellect and tremendous power, he has been conducting research and experiments on the Izzet for centuries years, often from his private laboratory at the top of the Izzet guild hall. As the current Living Guildpact, the Firemind is now the protector of Ravnica itself.

Owing to his incredible age, his victory over various rivals, and his rank as a dragon sorcerer, Niv-Mizzet lacks the experience that no other Ravnicans possess, including sorceresses and weapons that have been lost in time.

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Blue mana, Red mana